Videos of Surya Film Award 2013 and 2012


We are showcasing all videos of famous South Indian Film Award named: Surya TV Film Award. Ceremony of Surya Award is conducted each year and which is one of the spectacular award show conducted by Surya TV Channel.

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Full Videos of Vanitha Film Award

vanitha film award

Kerala Videos Proudly showcasing one of the colorful and prestigious film awards of Malayalam. This Award show considered as most money spend extravaganza. One of the highlight of this award is that Vanitha Award is the only award in Malayalam which selects winners through the audience voting.

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Videos of Asianet Ujala Award Show

asianet ujala award

We are showcasing all videos of Asianet Ujala Award Night. This is a prestigious Film Award show of Malayalam. The show is always enriched with high star participation. Super Stars such as Mammootty, Mohanlal, Dileep, Suresh Gopi its regularly participating this Award show.

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Mammootty the best actor Award Show

mamootty the best actor

In this section of Videos we are showcasing all videos related to the popular Malayalam TV contest for Mammootty the best Actor Award. This show gives opportunities for young and talented contestants to show their talent and broom up with the guidance of very experience Film personalities.

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Asianet Television Awards and Film Awards

asianet tv awards

We are showcasing all videos of Asianet Television Awards. This is most prestigious TV Award in Kerala aims to select best Television Media personnels. Each year this awards night create an opportunity to get endowments for TV artists and technicians.

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Mailanchi Mappila Pattukal Show


Asianet Musical reality show is one of the music reality shows that gained much support in Malayalam TV audience all over the world. Season 2 of this show has been already over and the latest edition of Mailanchi Musical Show expected to be announced soon. Already two seasons of this show have earned high ratings in Malayalam TV audience's heart.

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Malayalam Stage Shows led by Super Star Mohanlal

mohanlal stateshow

Mohanlal is considered as most celebrated and popular Malayalam Superstar. No other star including Mega Star Mammootty hardly claim the mass support that Mohanlal enjoys. Let it be simple program or advertisement or a stage show with Mohanlal always pull crowds.

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Latest Malayalam Award Shows and Award Nights

award shows

There are lots of established Malayalam award programs have been taking place in Kerala and in other Countries where Malayalae community established their presence. These Award functions are conducted with a pursuit of support and encourage Film world, and young and new artists.

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Thousands of Malayalam Music Stage Show Videos

music stage show

In this section we are showcasing One thousands Videos of Malayalam Music Stage Shows. Music has great role in Malayalam celebration. All most all religious and cultural programs accompanies many kinds of Music stage shows.

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Five Hundred Videos of Malayalee Comedy skits

malayalam comedy skits

The humour sense tradition of Malayalam is well known. It started from unique Malayalam poet Kunjan Nambiar, who formed Oaattam Tullal folk dance. The Malayalee community could contribute many world famous cartoonists including great Sankar, OV Vijayan, Abu Abraham etc.

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Latest Malayalam Videos of Dubai Stage show

 dubai stage shows

Dubai has amazing Malayalee presence and all most of social get together in Dubai have the presence of Malayalees. The various selective Malayalee stage programs occurring in Dubai are not less. Malayalam stage programs partied with the successful participation of Malayalam Super Stars

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Videos of Malayalam Stage shows all around the world

 malayalam stage show

In this video section, we present, latest videos of Malayalam Stage Shows. These stage show videos are uploaded from various parts of the world there Malayalee community is working and enjoys their community programs.

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